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Truss Medical Repair Solutions
Truss Medical Repair Solutions


Our company provides on-site, comprehensively detailed, and environmentally safe cleanings for steam sterilizers within most medical and dental facilities.  We effectively reduce or eliminate stubborn chamber residue, scaling, and oxidation buildup on the sterilizer chamber walls.

Disclaimer: Our self-contained cleaning process could allow you to continue to work nearby. However, we use a hydrochloric based cleaning solution which when used to remove oxidation and residue releases a temporary unpleasant odor.  Therefore, we recommend to our customers that they schedule the cleanings around days and times to where the caseloads at their facilities are minimal or advise personnel of the possible odor that could arise from the cleanings service.

  • Minimization of contaminated and rejected “wet packs” as a result of an improved sterilization cycle
  • Improved drying cycles and heat holding capabilities of steam quality
  • Enhanced sterilizer chamber aesthetics
  • Addressing of the chamber write-ups and issues as a result of inspections by JCAHO regulations

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our chamber cleaning services or to schedule an estimate. We work with all types of medical facilities, including hospitals, day clinics, surgery centers and ambulatory clinics. We look forward to serving you.

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